Who Should Consider the CMS

The Combined Major in Science provides students with a broad-based science education. Particularly suited to those interested in integrating three disciplines or designing the focus of their program, the CMS equips students with the background to understand and evaluate scientific issues from a number of disciplines, and how to communicate scientific findings to a variety of audiences.

Students preparing for professional schools such as education, law or medicine--or those interested in scientific journalism--should seriously consider the CMS.

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How Does CMS Compare to Typical Majors and Honours?

Traditional Majors and Honours programs are available for students wishing to focus in a single discipline. Combined programs are available for students wishing to integrate two disciplines or design the focus of their program.

How Does CMS Compare to Integrated Sciences?

The Integrated Sciences program emphasizes depth and interdisciplinarity. ISCI is an ideal choice for students who are interested in a very specific topic that crosses disciplinary boundaries and want to explore it in depth. While CMS is more structured than ISCI, both programs offer students a lot of flexibility in their choice of courses and disciplines.

  Combined Major in Science Integrated Sciences
Course selection Choose three packages (disciplines/areas) Choose specific courses in consultation with your mentor
Program core (required) courses SCIE 300, STAT 200, two approved lab courses ISCI 300 + 6 more credits of ISCI
Degree options Major, Co-op Major, Honours, Co-Op
Program alumni go on to Professional schools, graduate school, research, industry, education, various professional careers, etc.