What are the communication requirements for the CMS?
CMS students have three options: take six credits of first-year English (accepted by UBC Medicine and Dentistry), or take SCIE113 and SCIE300, or take three credits of English and SCIE300. If you’re entering CMS in third year, the communications requirement is assessed based on six credits of English.

What is the CMS generalist requirement?
A course not included in any of the three packages you choose. It varies with the disciplines being combined. Check the appropriate worksheet for details.

Will eight transfer credits of BIOL 100 satisfy the BIOL 121/140/112 requirements?
Yes, if an exemption from BIOL140 is granted.

Can BIOL112/121/140 be used to satisfy the Earth and Environmental Sciences package elective requirement in second year?
Yes, but the three credits will only be counted once.

Can I combine computer science, math and statistics as my three CMS disciplines?
No, the program is designed to offer a broad-based science education. Only one package from each discipline area can be taken – computer science, math and statistics are all packages within the mathematical sciences discipline area.

What are the requirements for promotion from second to third year?
In addition to completing most of the first-year courses, 12 credits of second-year (200-level) Science courses, appropriate for the three disciplines being combined, need to be completed.  The 12 credits need to be spread over at least two of the three discipline areas being combined, and can include STAT200. 12 credits in just one of the packages is not sufficient to advance to year 3..

What are the requirements for promotion from third to four year?
In addition to completion of all first- and second-year requirements, SCIE 300 and 12 credits of upper level courses (300- or 400-level) courses, across at least two of the disciplines being combined, needs to be completed by end of Term 2.

Can the CMS computing requirement be deferred to fourth year?
Yes, but it's not recommended. The computing requirement may be deferred to year four if it’s the only requirement being deferred.  However, students without the computing requirement completed will initially be blocked from registering. They may have the registration block removed by calling the Science Advising office and explaining their circumstances.

What are the open (unspecified) boxes on my CMS worksheets for?
They’re a blank, allowing you to take a course of your liking as long as you're meeting Faculty of Science requirements. Use it as an opportunity to explore a subject you’ve always been interested in. Explore!